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Happy Alone?

How do people make friends these days? Aside from the excuses of uni and/or work, the majority of people think only weirdos ever approach strangers in the street. Hollywood has also made “coffee” the most insincere and ambiguously loaded proposition of all time. Sometimes I feel like we should be able to say “Hey, I heard something you said-” or “hello, I was just passing-” -and you seem like an interesting person, would you like to have a conversation?” I love all my friends dearly but is social curiosity and the urge to meet new people a crime? When did we stop looking for new connections? Are we all afraid to be the weird person, engaging with strangers? It’s strange to me because even in the large city that I live in, you mostly find that someone you’ve passed in the street is actually a friend of a friend or went to school with/ works with someone you already know etc etc. If this phenomenon of the ‘6 degrees’ is so clearly exampled in day to day life, where is the fear?
A few days ago I was shopping when somebody smiled at me. I immediately felt like id been knocked out! I was amazed that a person I did not know had taken a moment of their day to look me in the eye, single me out, and smile at me. This act alone proved that there are other people out there that believe interaction should be natural and effortless. And why not? As children we will talk to anyone; some of the funniest dialogues I’ve heard are children having impromptu and truly odd disjointed conversations with strangers on the bus as their parents look on. It’s a widely accepted rule that if a child starts a conversation with you, those of us with hearts will carry it on: so why is this not the same between adults? Regardless, I’m going to carry on saying “hi”, “hello” and “good evening” and you can give me all those odd looks, maybe we’ll be friends one day.

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